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CFixer compass degaussing device.

It can help if Compass Error and Exit P-GPS Mode appear on the screen.


Cfixer will help if:

  • The copter exits the mode of holding a position in space by satellites (GPS Mode);
  • The copter is "blown away" by the wind;
  • The copter does not fly smoothly, in an arc, "toilet" when hovering;
  • The screen displays Compass Error and Exit P-GPS Mode;
  • The camera does not keep a straight horizon.


Such problems in the copter can occur when the compass is magnetized:

  • after contact with magnets or magnetized objects;
  • when flying near massive metal objects (power lines, car parks, towers, etc.).
  • when passing through X-ray cameras at the airport.


What gives the use of CFixer and resetting the compass to the factory state?  

  • Smooth flight of the copter without wobbling. You do not need to taxi and correct the direction of the copter flight all the time. Rejected the stick forward - flew straight ahead.
  • In 90% of cases, the camera stops "losing" the horizon when the copter turns. In the remaining 10% of cases, to eliminate this effect, it is necessary to additionally calibrate the IMU and do an auto-calibration of the gimbal.
  • More accurate positioning of the aircraft in GPS mode, even in strong winds. The effect of the spiral movement of the copter disappears when it "toilet".
  • Quadcopter control becomes more predictable and responsive. The fear of flying off to long distances disappears - beyond the visual visibility of the copter.


How to use CFixer?

  • Connect the CFixer to your power source, such as your Phantom 4 charger.

  • Move the CFixer to the location of the compass.

  • Press the button on the CFixer body. After 4 seconds, your compass is reset.

  • The procedure must be repeated for each compass.

  • Calibrate the compass as usual before flying.


How often to use the device?

As needed. You can use CFixer even before every flight, there is no harm or wear to your compass.


Power options:  

DC sources of 12-26 Volts are supported, through a 7.4 * 5mm connector.

  • Use your DJI Inspire or Phantom 3/4 charger (except Phantom 3 Sta/SE).
  • Use the dedicated power cable for the DJI Phantom 4 battery.
  • Use the dedicated power cable for the DJI Phantom 3 Sta/SE battery.
  • Use special car cigarette lighter power cable.
    Universal solution!
  • Please use the special power cable for the DJI Mavic Pro battery.
    The Mavic battery must full charged (100%)!



  • Housing: plastic;
  • Dimensions: 95x55x16 mm;
  • Weight: 130 gr;
  • External power: 12-26 Volts. Powered via special cables: from cigarette lighter, from DJI Phantom 3 / 4 / Inspire / Mavic / Spark battery. Powered by Phantom 3/4/Inspire charger;
  • Warranty: 12 months


Attention: CFixer does not come with its own power supply!

Device for degaussing the compass CFixer

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